Pros and Cons of Metal Roofing

Deciding to put a new roof on your home is a very important decision. Everything from color to what type of roofing material you want to use are things that must be considered. One type of roofing material that people find themselves considering when they decide to put a new roof on their home is metal. There are numerous pros and cons to metal roofing to consider when a homeowner is considering this option:

Metal Roofing Pros:

  • Metal roofing can save energy for a homeowner due to the fact that metal roofs deflect the sun’s rays. This means that a homeowner can save energy and money needed to air-condition a home during the hot spring and summer months. That energy saving could definitely offset the expensive cost of a metal roof.
  • Metal Roofing sheds rain and snow extremely well due to the nature of the way the panels interlock and connect. 
  • Depending on the type of metal used it could be impact resistant.
  • Metal roofs do not corrode or crack either…way less maintenance.
  • Metal Roofs if installed properly, typically have a very long lifespan. The predicted life expectancy of a metal roof is anywhere between 40 and 70 years depending on the type of metal you choose (galvanized steel, zinc,aluminum,tin, or copper)

While these are all pros to metal roofing, there are also cons to think about. 

Metal Roofing Cons:

  • Metal roofs are very expensive. The material of metal roofing is more expensive than other types of roofing materials, and labor is also more expensive for metal roofing. 
  • Metal roofs can dent easily during certain hail storms. Depending on the size of the hail, metal roofs can be very prone to dents.
  • Metal roofs are harder to repair or replace than individual asphalt shingles due to the size of metal roofing panels. 
  • Metal roofs can be very noisy during storms
  • Metal roofs expand and contract so if they are not installed properly over time they can loosen.

Making decisions about a new roof is a very important process. All of the above points are important to consider when contemplating whether or not a metal roof is the right type of roof for your home. If you are interested in starting the process of getting a new roof feel free to book a drone inspection with us. Here at Northpoint Roofing Systems we use cutting edge AI technology to take pictures of your roof and observe the damage on it. Any of our sales reps would be happy to go over the process of getting a new roof with you. Book a free drone inspection with us today!