Why You Shouldn’t DIY Replace/Repair Your Roof

To many people the thought of having to replace or repair their roof is daunting. It can be stressful thinking about hiring a roofing company and paying for a new roof. For this reason, it may seem tempting to just try and do the job yourself. However, trying to DIY has many risks and possible consequences: 

  • A homeowner’s insurance may be voided if the homeowner replaces or repairs the roof him or herself. If the insurance company discovers the homeowner made a replacement or repair themselves, the company may void the insurance policy. A DIY roof job can cause the integrity of the roof to be compromised, which could likely cause an insurance company to refuse to insure the homeowner. 
  • A homeowner replacing or repairing their own roof voids any shingle warranty. Shingle companies only honor warranties if the shingles were installed by a certified company. Therefore, if a homeowner has any problem with the shingles, whether it be their own fault or the shingle companies fault, the warranty will be void, so the homeowner will not be able to get any money back or receive different/new shingles to fix whatever problem that has occurred. 
  • A homeowner should consider the fact that replacing a roof is dangerous. If a homeowner is not comfortable walking and working on a roof, it can be extremely dangerous. There is a great chance of falling, tripping, and injury. 
  • A homeowner could cause more damage to a roof if the homeowner is not skilled. For example, if shingles are nailed down wrong, tiny holes could likely be created in the shingles that lead to them taking on water, and inevitably causing damage to the home.
  • A homeowner replacing a roof themselves is likely to be more expensive than hiring a roofing company. If any problem occurs such as the homeowner not ordering the right materials, or damaging the shingles as they are installed, it will be more expensive to correct these problems than it would be to simply hire a certified roofing company. 

Having a roof replaced can be a stressful time. However, it is almost certain it is not less stressful for a homeowner to replace the roof on their own. Instead, hire a certified roofing company, such as Northpoint Roofing Systems, to replace and install your new roof. Here at Northpoint we are certified and backed by GAF and Certainteed so you never have to worry about a shingle warranty being voided, or your insurance. Here at Northpoint, we specialize in working with insurance companies in order to get the insurance company to pay for your new roof. Northpoint Roofing System also has experienced crews that install your roof so the craftsmanship will be impeccable. Feel free to let us take the stress of roof replacement off your hands and let us do all the hard work. Book a free drone inspection with us today and have your insurance pay for your new roof!