How Our Roofing Specialists Make The Insurance Process Seamless

The process of getting a new roof through an insurance company may be a bit daunting to many homeowners. Numerous homeowners likely will worry about the amount of time it will take out of their schedule to communicate with the insurance companies. Many homeowners are not completely aware of how the process works to file a claim, or even what number to call in order to file the claim. Numerous homeowners will also likely worry about an adjuster’s appointment, and may even be unaware of what an adjuster’s appointment is. These reasons listed are all reasons why it is so important to have an experienced roofing specialist assist and advocate for a homeowner who is trying to get their roof approved and bought by insurance. Here at Northpoint Roofing Systems our roofing specialist help homeowners in numerous ways and take the stress off the homeowner by handling many different things pertaining to insurance on the homeowner’s behalf:

  • Our roofing specialists first will meet with the homeowner and explain the damage found on the drone report, and take the stress off the homeowner of having to inspect the roof on their own. 
  • The roofing specialists also are able to help facilitate filing a claim for the homeowner. It can be confusing filing a claim and knowing which number to call. The roofing specialists here at Northpoint Roofing Systems have a combined 120 years of roofing experience when it comes to working with insurance companies. Roofing specialists can call the insurance company with the homeowner in order to help the homeowner feel more comfortable and to assist the homeowner in answering any questions that the insurance company may have. 
  • Our roofing specialists are experienced in walking on roofs, so they will be there at the adjuster’s appointment(an appointment where a representative for the insurance company comes out to examine the homeowner’s roof and determine whether or not insurance will cover the damage) acting as an advocate for the homeowner in order to get the homeowner’s roof approved and paid for. 
  • If a homeowner’s roof is denied the first time, our roofing specialists will still fight for you and offer to help the homeowner get a reinspect on the roof. Many roofs are approved upon reinspection.

The goal here at Northpoint Roofing Systems is to help homeowners and their families get a new roof through their insurance companies. The roofing specialists here at Northpoint Roofing Systems are there to help make the process as seamless as possible. They are experienced, knowledgeable, and ready to help. Book a free drone inspection and roof appointment with us today and meet one of our experienced roofing specialists who can assist in getting the insurance company to put a new roof on your home!