Why Is It Important for Drone Pilots to Be FAA Certified?

Here at Northpoint Roofing Systems our drone pilots are important and valued members of our team. They collect important data for the company that allows us to see the damage on a homeowner’s roof and also allows us to get important measurements from the roof. The drone pilots here at Northpoint Roofing Systems are qualified and FAA certified to fly drones. Many roofing companies have drone pilots that are not FAA certified. This is unfortunate for many reasons. It is extremely important that drone pilots are FAA certified: 

  • First and foremost it is ILLEGAL to fly a drone without an FAA license for commercial purposes. If a company is using unlicensed pilots this is ILLEGAL.  
  • Another reason it is important for drone pilots to be FAA certified is that they know FAA regulations and how to follow them. Certain air zones have certain rules and regulations. A drone pilot will know how to stay within these boundaries and will also know how to ask for permission to fly the drone within certain areas. No one would be comfortable flying in an airplane if the pilot was not qualified, so why should a drone pilot be any different? If someone is going to fly a drone over a homeowner’s roof they should be certified. 
  • Certified FAA drone pilots are trained extensively on how to fly drones, and most importantly, how to fly them safely. They are aware of how wind, weather, and other outlying factors affect the drone. Since they are FAA certified drone pilots, they have access to specific tools and apps that allow them to see what the flying conditions will be on a certain day or time. These tools also help the pilots get amazing, and clear pictures of the roof they are flying and the damage that is there. This allows the pilot to understand whether or not it is safe to fly the drone. They also know the best angles and flight patterns to get the best pictures of your damage. The FAA-certified drone pilots here at Northpoint Roofing Systems continuously train as well. This means that they are always up-to-date on any new training and regulations. 
  • Drone pilots that are FAA certified are extremely professional. They have training and experience which allows them to collect data efficiently and properly. A homeowner can feel comfortable with an FAA-certified drone pilot flying a drone over their home and feel certain that the pilot is experienced, and has flown a tremendous amount of roofs. Each of our FAA certified drone pilots flies on average 60+ homes a week, so you can feel comfortable and assured that they are extremely experienced. 

If you believe that your roof may have been damaged by a hail storm, wind storm, or any other reason, feel free to contact Northpoint Roofing Systems today and book your free drone inspection. Our experienced and certified FAA licensed drone pilots are eager to assist our customers, fly their home, and help start the process of identifying damage on your roof, and getting your roof paid for by insurance!