Signs of Hail Damage and How to Handle It

Hail damage can severely affect your roof. It can cause dents, or cracks in a homeowner’s shingles, which can turn into a complete loss of a shingle over time. Hail can also cause granule loss to the shingles, which can eventually cause leaks in a home. How does one exactly spot hail damage? One can spot hail damage by 

  • Looking at gutters, and downspouts. If a homeowner’s gutters and downspouts have dents in them this is a very clear sign that hail damage is likely on the roof.
  • Damage to siding and window sills is also a sign that there could be hail damage on the roof. 
  • Damage to air conditioners on the outside of the home could also be a possible sign of hail damage occurring. 
  • Soft metal damage on the roof itself is also a very good sign that the shingles have been compromised by hail. If soft metals on the roof have dents in them it is almost certainly the cause of that is hail. 
  • Granule loss on a shingle noticeable by looking at it means that hail damage has hit the homeowner’s roof.

It is fairly easy to look at certain things like siding, and air conditioners on the ground to spot hail, however, not many people want to get up on a roof or are confident that they would even be able to spot the hail damage themselves. Here at Northpoint Roofing Systems we specialize in hail damage and use cutting edge A1 drone technology to spot hail damage. If you believe that you may have signs of hail damage, or just simply want to find out, feel free to book a drone inspection with us today! We also specialize in working with insurance companies to get your roof paid for, and hail is covered under homeowners’ policies!