Things to consider when choosing a color for your roof

  1. Your climate. If you live in a cold area you would like to stick with a darker colored shingle. Darker colors help keep your home warmer and help melt snow faster on your roof. Lighter colored shingles will help your home stay cooler due to the fact it reflects light.
  2. HOA neighborhoods you normally have to be in compliance with their rules so always make sure to inquire with them before making your decision.
  3. Lastly, you always want to make sure the color compliments your homes exterior colors. Complimentary colors add depth and definition to your home, and if it was the exact same color as your exterior color then that would make your home very dull and boring. Another good idea is to take a sample shingle and hold the color up to your homes exterior different times of the day. The sun can make a difference with how the color looks.