Decorate Your Home for The Holiday’s – Safely

Your roof is the one thing that protects your home, your family, and your belongings from nature. Severe storms, wind, hail and lightning can damage your roof. Did you know that you can also wreak havoc on your roof if you improperly install Christmas decorations? Taking some extra precautions can make all the difference when installing lights and décor for the holidays. Below are some steps you can take to ensure your roof is not damaged during this holiday season.

  • If you are not comfortable climbing on your roof, or don’t know how to safely install Christmas lights, consider hiring a professional to so this.
  • Always have a helper on the ground when installing lights. They can provide direction and guidance as you work.
  • Check that all lights are in working condition before getting on the roof to install them.
  • Use only lights rated for outdoor use and make sure wires are in good condition to avoid fire hazards.
  • Never attach decorative light to your shingles. This can lead to damaging your shingles, voiding roof warranties, and creating leaks.
  •  Do not put inflatables on you roof as they can be blown away by strong winds.
  • Make sure anything you put on the roof does not exceed the load-bearing capacity of your roof, or you could cause major damage.
  • Never use nails, staples or screws to attach decorations to your roof or gutters. Instead use gutter clips or electrical tape. This will avoid damage to your shingles, and the wood and gutters around your roof.

Having a beautifully decorated home for the holiday’s can be fun and rewarding. Make sure to follow the tips above to make sure you do not unknowingly create damage that could be very costly.