What to Look for in a Roof When Purchasing a Home

When you find yourself ready to buy a house it is important to get a house inspection. Keep in mind not all home inspectors inspect the roof thoroughly. A roof inspection is important also, because you don’t want to move in and realize you have a damaged roof. Here are just a few things to look in a roof…

  1. Step back to get a good look of the roof. Look for any folds, worn spots, or missing shingles.
  2. Talk to the current homeowners to get the age of the roof
  3. Look for mold and water maks on the ceiling and the walls for it could be a sign of a leak.
  4. Check all downspouts…make sure they are releasing into storm water wells, and check for previous flooding around the house.
  5. Check for obvious leak spots.

Always have a professional drone inspection for the roof, and get any repairs done before you purchase the home!