The Drone Process

Here at Northpoint Roofing Systems, the first step in determining if your roof has suffered storm damage, is to complete a full drone inspection of your entire roof surface. This inspection will give you a detailed view of the overall health of your roof. Below is what you can expect from your complimentary drone inspection:

  • An FAA licensed drone pilot will be dispatched to your home prior to your appointment date to preform your complimentary drone inspection
  • The drone pilot will perform their inspection using our state-of-the-art drone with cutting edge software designed specifically for roof analysis, producing high quality images of your roof
  • The majority of flights can be done from your driveway, or another flat surface around your home, so it is not necessary for you to be home during the inspection
  • All images will then be processed through our AI (Artificial Intelligence) software to identify damage and reviewed by our in-house roofing expert
  • Our roofing expert will then compile your detailed report which will include:
    • Our drone’s flight path
    • Arial photographs
    • Detailed images of hail/wind damage found
    • Counts of hail impact points on each section of the roof