Our Process

Have you noticed that your roof is beginning to look old and worn out, making the overall home look drab? Did the weatherman say a storm with damaging winds or hail was headed your way? Have you seen your neighbors getting new roofs and you are now wondering if it’s time to replace yours?

Let’s walk through the Northpoint process.

  • The first thing we will do is to send our FAA licensed drone pilot out to inspect your roof with our state-of-the-art drone, and AI (artificial intelligence) technology. We will take photographs of you roof from all angles, looking for any damage caused by recent storms in the area.
  • Then AI software used by 7 of the top 10 insurance companies will review every photograph to identify damage. Our trained roof specialist will compile all mechanical and storm damage identified by AI into a comprehensive report.
  • One of our Roofing specialists will then come to your home to go over the roof report with you, explaining any damage that was found and giving you a full understanding of the current health of your roof. If the roof has storm damage our roofing specialist will walk you through the process of filing a claim with your insurance provider.
  • Your roof specialist will partner with you to make the insurance process seamless.
  • After insurance approves your claim, your roof specialist will help you select the color and style of your new roof. They will then work with our production team to order all materials and schedule all labor. Installation is usually completed in 1 day and your beautiful new roof is complete.