How Trees Can Damage Your Roof

  •   Trees can cause severe damage to your roof. It is important to be aware of trees around your home and the state in which they are in. Being aware of trees around your home and taking steps to make sure your roof will be safe from any damage that can be caused by them is especially important.
  •  One-way trees can damage your roof is by overhanging branches. If a windstorm were to occur it could cause a branch to break and fall on your roof and cause damage to the shingles. Damage to the shingles on your roof could cause severe leakage. 
  • Leaves can also cause damage to your roof. If leaves accumulate on your roof in a dense quantity, it can increase moisture concentration. Moisture concentration over time can cause damage to your shingles and roof. The moisture will also create mold which over time will deteriorate your shingles and the integrity of your roof.
  • Leaves are damaging to gutters as well. If leaves clog gutters it can cause water to not flow properly down a downspout. The gutters overflow which leads to foundation damage.
  •  A tree falling on your roof is also a way in which a tree can severely damage your roof. You may inspect trees around your home to see if they are still alive and show any signs of rotting. Also, branches should be 8-10 feet away from your home.
  • If you worry that your roof does have damage on it you can always book a free drone inspection with Northpoint Roofing Systems! Your roof will be inspected for free and your roof can be paid for by your insurance!