Benefits of a New Roof

  • Having a brand new roof is extremely exciting and there are numerous benefits.
  • A major benefit is that if your roof has been replaced due to a hail storm or wind storm the new roof will not be susceptible to further damage and leaks in the way your old, damaged roof was. The longer you wait to replace an old roof the more dangerous the situation can become. Old, damaged roofs, typically starting at 7 years, and getting worse with time, can cause certain parts of your home to become unstable. It is also possible for an old roof to collapse.
  • A new roof also makes your home’s value go up. Many realtors estimate that your roof is responsible for almost half of your home’s curb appeal!
  • New roofs are also more energy-efficient than older roofs. Older roofs are much more likely to leak air, which means your heating and air conditioning has to work harder to maintain the temperature that you desire in your home. If you have a new roof it could greatly reduce your heating and air bill!
  • Getting a new roof installed can also reduce your stress! No one wants to worry about their roof all the time and the damage to it. Older roofs, starting at 7 years, can cause problems like extensive leaks in your home, and also are more likely to have extensive hail or wind damage.  If you have a new roof installed on your home it will be one less thing to worry about!
  • You can have a new roof soon! Book a free drone inspection with us and our drone which uses cutting-edge A1 technology to identify any damage on your roof. You can have insurance cover the cost of your roof and have a brand new roof in no time!