Why is My Roof Discolored?

Why is My Roof Discolored?

"Why Is my roof discolored?" That is a question many homeowners ask themselves when they look at their roof. There are three different possible answers to roof discoloration causes.

Reason #1 - Your Roof Has An Algae Problem

One answer for roof discoloration is that your roof has an algae problem. Roof algae initially begins as very small spots, that become much larger over time. Algae is particularly problematic in southern states, such as Georgia, because of the humid weather that allows algae to grow. Algae negatively affects your roof, and your home in numerous ways.

  1. One way algae negatively affects your roof is that it can permanently stain the shingles, which is shown to decrease curb appeal and also decrease the value of your home.
  2. Algae can also cause the protective UV granules that coat roofing shingles to come off, and eventually dry them out.
  3. Moisture could also possibly sink into the wood of your roof due to the algae causing major damage.
  4. Standing water is also associated with algae, which can attract mold. Mold can be dangerous for you or your family to inhale while out in the yard.

Reason #2 - Your Roof Has Two Types of Shingles

Another roof discoloration cause is that there may be two different types of shingles on your roof.

  1. All shingles have a lot number which indicates different batches of granules.
  2. The shingles on your roof may have different lot numbers, meaning that one type of shingle on your roof has a different batch of granules. Some contractors will cut corners and buy two different batches of shingles instead of one.
  3. Two different types of shingles mean there can be numerous differences between the shingles, which can cause the discoloration you see on your roof.

Reason #3 - Your Roof Has Cheap Shingles

  • Your roof discoloration may also be caused by cheap shingles.
  1. Cheap shingles are more prone to discoloration than more expensive shingles. If the contractor used cheap, low-quality shingles, that can cause discoloration on your roof.
  2. Here at Northpoint Roofing Systems, we use high-quality shingles so this does not happen. We use Certainteed and GAF shingles that are of excellent quality.

If you have discoloration on your roof due to any of the above things book a free drone inspection with us today! At Northpoint Roofing Systems we use high-quality shingles from both GAF and CertainTeed that are high-quality and also algae-resistant! Northpoint Roofing Systems never cuts corners so you will never have to worry about having shingles on your roof with different lot numbers! You will also never have to worry about Northpoint using cheap shingles that discolor and become damaged quickly! Book a drone inspection with us today and have homeowners' insurance cover the cost of your roof!