How to Keep Your Roof Safe on the Fourth of July

  • The Fourth of July is only a few days away. It’s a wonderful time of celebration and fun. However, the holiday does pose certain threats to your roof. Fireworks could possibly cause certain things to catch fire, which could then cause damage to your roof. Certain measures can easily be taken to protect your roof on this holiday.
  • One important step you can take to protect your roof on the Fourth of July is to cut branches that hang too close to your roof. If a firework comes in contact with the limb or branch that is too close to your roof it could possibly cause a fire to start. You can take a major step to protect your roof by simply cutting the branch back so there is less danger of the branch coming in contact with your roof if it catches fire from a firework.
  • Another step you can take to protect your roof is to inspect it. If you have any holes in your roof they could allow sparks from the fireworks into the attic and possibly cause a fire. By inspecting your roof and being aware of certain holes in your roof, you can better protect your roof from danger.
  •  It’s also a great idea to have your roof professionally inspected. Northpoint Roofing Systems offers free drone inspections that use cutting edge A1 software to inspect your roof. 
  • Always be aware of how close to your home you are igniting fireworks. Be careful to light the fireworks a safe and appropriate distance from your home and roof in order to protect both.
  • Have a wonderful Fourth of July! If you ever have any roof problems or inquiries feel free to set up a free drone inspection with Northpoint Roofing Systems.