What Are The Most Common Roofing Mistakes?

What Are The Most Common Roofing Mistakes?

Would you know if your new roof was being installed incorrectly? Most people wouldn't. A new roof is a very valuable investment. Blindly trusting a roof installation is a huge gamble. Find out more about what a bad roofing installation looks like so you avoid problems in the future.

Nail Installation and Placement

Shingle manufacturers require their products to be installed using a certain set of criteria. If nails are placed in the wrong spot or the wrong number of nails are being used, it could potentially void your roof's warrant. Most shingle manufacturers require at least five nails per shingle, sometimes even more if your house has a steep grade. Nails should be nailed through the nailing strip, they should never be nailed into the self-sealing side of the shingle.
Incorrect nail placement will typically result in roof leaks or premature roof and shingle failure.

Metal shingles and certain other types of roofing tile have different criteria for fastening. Make sure you understand the requirements for your particular application.


Flashing is the metal strips installed along the edges and valleys of your roof. It's common for inexperienced roofers to install this incorrectly or not secure the flashing. This leads to the flashing buckling which will eventually lead to leaks.

Another common mistake is a roofer reusing the drip edge flashing from the edge of your old roof. Besides looking less than stellar, a worn drip edge can allow water and insects to get under your roof and into your attic. New and properly installed flashing is super important.


It's common for some roofing companies to install improper ventilation for your type of home. Proper attic ventilation is pivotal because it prevents moisture buildup that could lead to your roof or shingles failing prematurely. All new roofing systems should include a ridge vent, eave vents, and baffles to help properly vent the air and prevent ineffective air ventilation.

What's Next?

If you want more information about the roof installation process, or you'd like a free drone inspection for your roof, we're here to help. Get started by contacting us today!