Holiday Decorations and your Roof

Holiday Decorations and your Roof

Getting ready to deck the halls for the upcoming holiday season? Before you hang lights and other décor on your roof, make sure you take a few moments to prepare. Decorating without a plan could lead to costly roof repairs. Display your holiday cheer without harming your roof by following these tips:

Call Roofers First 

Before you begin decorating, make sure you call a roofer to inspect for prior roof damages. A damaged roof can present many problems, some of which concern your personal safety. Repair your roof first, then decorate.

Untangle and Check All Lights and Cords 

Make sure you take the time to unwind your lights and cords for any signs of impairment, this is pivotal because tangled or damaged lights can pose extreme safety hazards for your roof, but most importantly for you. 

Use Plastic Clips and Other Accessories 

There are helpful decoration tools and accessories that won’t hurt your roof as much as staple guns could. Plastic clips and zipties are useful for attaching decoration to your roof. 

Avoid Walking on the Roof 

Try to not walk on your roof unless you absolutely have to. Staying off the roof can help prevent roof damage and help you stay out of harm’s way.

Here at Northpoint Roofing we want you all to stay safe this upcoming season, if you decide to get a roof inspection or you fear you’ve damaged your roof, we’re here to help.