What Is Typically Included With a Roofing Warranty?

What Is Typically Included With a Roofing Warranty?

Completing a much-needed and well-deserved roofing project for your home can do wonders for your utility usage and curb appeal. But protecting this new investment with a warranty program is a significant part of upholding its value and protecting your home. Below, we discuss what's typically included with a roofing warranty to help you understand the importance of obtaining one.

Materials Protection Measures

Reputable manufacturers will offer a limited lifetime warranty on the materials they use alone. This means the shingles or materials receive protection through the warranty program as long as you own the home where the installation occurred.

These protective measures often account for defective materials, such as in cases where a material is expected to perform a specific way but does not uphold these promises. However, a warranty will not cover defective material as a result of poor installation techniques. So, it's vital to know and trust the contractor team that installs the roof to ensure warranty protection.

Northpoint Roofing Systems uses the roofing industry's highest-quality materials from reputable manufacturers. These materials include GAF, CertainTeed, and Atlanta Metal Works. These manufacturers offer the best materials warranty program available.

Workmanship Protection Measures

In addition to materials protection measures, reputable and reliable residential roofing contractors will offer a workmanship protection warranty. This supports the work they do and gives homeowners valuable peace of mind regarding the installation process, investment value, and quality of work.

Each workmanship warranty will outline different terms and conditions set forth by the contractor team and work experience. At Northpoint, we offer a ten-year protection period during which we guarantee work that's free of defects and malfunctions.

Manufacturer's Warranty Protections

Manufacturers with decades of industry experience and robust reputations offer warranty programs that support their material's quality and back the installation techniques used by the contractors. GAF and CertainTeed offer a comprehensive warranty guide that covers the protection guidelines and aids homeowners in understanding which protection programs will serve them best.

You may download and access the warranty coverages for GAF and CertainTeed through the warranty page on the Northpoint website.

Northpoint's Trusted Warranty Solutions

Northpoint Roofing Systems offers the roofing industry's finest quality workmanship and materials, with warranty programs and coverage to protect all homes and homeowners. Partner with a member of our team today to learn more about what's included in your custom installation roofing warranty.