How Technology Is Changing the Roofing Industry

How Technology Is Changing the Roofing Industry

The world around us changes rapidly, and technology contributes to its evolution. Technology is central to most of the modern world, whether it be a computer taking your order at a restaurant, education going all virtual, or work taking place in the home. Technology can improve our lives daily when leveraged correctly.

The roofing industry is a small but significant part of the construction trade, and technology is improving the way we install, inspect, and repair residential and commercial roofs. In this article, we take a closer look at a few ways technology is changing the roofing industry and how contractors and consumers benefit.


Many are doing their part to improve sustainability and go green wherever possible, including on top of their homes or businesses. Homeowners can install eco-roofs, also known as green or living roofs, which come with a waterproof base layer, an intricate root barrier system, and a complete drainage system thanks to technological improvements in roofing materials and designs. The top layer is the growing medium, which homeowners can use to grow native wildflowers, succulents, and ornamental grasses.

Technological advancements equip construction companies and roof installation crews with the knowledge and insight to make a flat roof a viable solution for many buildings. After installing a flat roof, layering an eco-roof on top of it, and creating a safe access site, contractors can make these green roofs a unique solution for homeowners who lack yard space or commercial properties with unreliable soil compositions.

It's essential to note Northpoint Roofing Systems does not work with green or eco-roofs at this time. We offer a variety of other advanced technologies and systems, including solar installations, for those seeking a more environmentally friendly property. Please connect with a member of our team to learn more about our solar options.

Temperature-Controlled Roofing Systems

Solar roofing systems are improving the ability to go green and create more sustainable ways of living. However, technology has come an incredibly long way within the roofing industry, and now homeowners can extend their smart-home features by installing temperature-controlled roofing systems. The unique part of temperature-controlled roofs is how much more control the homeowner has over their utility usage and how their home can work with them rather than against them.

On warm days, the cooling roof technology can help cool the home and essentially reduce the AC's job demands. Warming technology can heat the roof on cold days and help remove frozen elements. Warming the roof goes a long way in ensuring the home stays warm during a cold streak and reduces the dependency on a furnace. A temperature-controlled roofing system combined with superior home insulation can do wonders for a homeowner's wallet yearly.

Synthetic Shingle Systems

Older roofing systems and materials often contain asbestos as a byproduct of manufacturing efforts. Thanks to increased insight and advancements, manufacturers are creating synthetic shingle systems that mimic natural materials minus the risk of asbestos or other toxic ingredients.

Nowadays, it's relatively common for crews to install these synthetic shingle systems on new construction homes because they offer long-term roofing solutions with reduced issues. Synthetic composite roofing systems are a great solution for those homeowners seeking the look of cedar or asphalt with less upkeep and a 50-year warranty.

Roof-Mounted Solar Systems

There are traditional solar panel arrays that rackmount to an existing roof structure. However, technological improvements and rapidly evolving solar technologies have paved the way for solar tiles or shingles. Solar tiles experience similar installation processes as an asphalt shingle system and mesh seamlessly with the rest of the roof's materials, forgoing a rackmount.

Though it's up to the hired crew to determine the best solution for a given project, there are a variety of brands available for solar shingles and tiles. These professionals have the experience and training to fully understand solar roofing systems, so trusting their judgment is best.

CAD-Designed Roofs

CAD-designed roofs are improving companies' abilities to offer accurate and precise renderings before a project begins. The provided images are sharable, editable, and clear, with precise digital data and insight. The ability to share designs and concepts with customers is easy through CAD designs because a company can simply send them an email with the proposed concepts.

Clients and companies have improved access and communication about the project, reducing long wait times for project changes. A unique element of CAD is the ability to alter a single part or all of the design without having to start from scratch and potentially re-draw the plans.

Drone Inspections

One of the most advanced ways technology is changing the roofing industry is through the use of drones for inspections. These tiny but mighty devices are minimizing the amount of risk associated with typical inspections and capturing more data than ever before. Experienced and professional drone fliers thoroughly capture a roof's structural integrity, all before a human ever steps foot on a ladder.

These drone inspections offer increased insight into a roof's integrity and any structural damages that might go unseen otherwise and store the digital data in a consumer database for future use. After completing a drone inspection, roofing contractors make their way up to the roof with the necessary knowledge and awareness that can enhance their ability to do their job.

Improved Quoting Software

Like most things, quoting software has come a long way. Thanks to technological improvements in most work processes, the ability to offer customers a more accurate and fairer quote is greater than ever before. Existing and potential issues are addressable using a drone and AI technologies, decreasing the need to tack them onto the initial quotes after the project is underway.

Having the ability to address these issues beforehand benefits a company by offering them more accuracy and its customers by providing them with upfront and clear expectations from day one. An improved quote software can also enhance a roofing company's reputation as providing customers with correct quotes that won't fluctuate mid-project often results in positive reviews and testimonials.

Northpoint Roofing Systems

Northpoint Roofing Systems offers homeowners high-quality residential roofing services using the most advanced technology. We feature the industry's most trusted materials and offer drone inspections with cutting-edge AI technology. Our team of trusted and experienced contractors works diligently to provide each customer with reliable and reputable services with the most up-to-date industry insights. Partner with a member of our team today to learn more about our tech and processes.

How Technology Is Changing the Roofing Industry