4 Misconceptions About Adding Solar Panels to Your Home

4 Misconceptions About Adding Solar Panels to Your Home

Are you considering solar panels for your home? That's great! However, you may hear some misconceptions about adding solar panels to your home. Therefore, it's worth learning what's untrue to bring you closer to understanding the benefits of residential solar energy.

My Home's Value Will Decrease

The belief that a home's value will decrease with the addition of solar panels is false. The reality is that this is an incredible long-term asset with a push toward increased sustainable energy.

The buying trends in the housing market also suggest that buyers are willing to pay more for homes with solar panels already installed compared to homes without them. This means a home's resale value is higher with solar systems and may sell faster.

I Must Own My Home

Another common misconception is that only a homeowner can invest in and install solar panels. And while this is true for residential additions regardless of tenant status, renters can benefit from solar energy without owning the home.

If someone rents privately, partnering with the homeowner to discuss solar options is always a good idea, though it will be up to the primary homeowner to decide. Aside from these discussions, renters can invest in individual plug-in systems to convert essential items like household appliances and lighting features. The downside to personal plug-ins is the inability to participate in annual tax incentive programs.

The Panel Array Will Damage My Roof

One of the most common misconceptions about adding solar panels to your home is that the array will damage the roof. There's a certain level of risk any time you put things on your home's roof, but solar panels don't pose a danger.

A reputable roofing team will ensure the roof's integrity is reliable for a solar panel installation before completing the project and will perform replacements or repairs beforehand. Typically, the panels don't go directly on the roof but instead rest on a flashing that protects the roof and the panel's underside.

Solar Panels Downgrade My Curb Appeal

Many believe solar panels are ugly and reject them to avoid downgrading their home's curb appeal. Solar panels don't contribute to curb appeal in a negative light, so this misconception is also false. Homeowners can choose a solar shingle array or a sleek black panel system that meshes seamlessly with existing roof structures.

Regardless of solar selection, it isn't until you stand farther away from the home that the array or shingles become visible. Thinly constructed solar panels and shingles blend well with the roof and don't impact curb appeal. As we mentioned above, homes with solar tend to sell faster, further disproving this myth.

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