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How does Damage Detection Technology Work?

The roofing industry has come a long way over the years. Instead of having companies climb on top of your roof to make an assessment, …

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Potential Damage from Hanging Tree Branches

Throughout much of the south, homeowners and property owners are blessed to have an expansive and diverse amount of tree canopies sheltering their homes and …

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Signs of Wind Damage

High winds can cause serious damage to your roof, including leaks, missing shingles, and gutter damage. The corners and edges of your roof and the …

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Gutter Pricing and What to Consider

While gutter systems definitely add to your home’s curb appeal, their most important responsibility is to direct water flow away from your roof, walls, and …

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5 Tips to Prepare Your Roofing System for Spring

With Spring around the corner, let’s take a moment to discuss the preventative maintenance needed for your roof and gutters. Ensuring that you’re consistently maintaining …

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What to do if You Spot a Leak

Discovering a leak can be pretty frightening. Although you need to act quickly, taking the right steps when you find a roof leak can help …

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Tree Damage and Prevention

Home buyers sometimes prefer homes with mature trees in order to make their property more attractive. Older trees offer shade, greenery, and maybe even fragrant …

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Signs of Damaged Flashing

Although shingles are the primary protectors of your roof, they can’t completely seal joints or corners. Roof flashing may be thin and galt, but it …

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Roofing Materials and How They Affect the Temperature of Your Home

A common question homeowners have is how to keep their homes as warm or cool as possible, depending on the season. One thing that doesn’t …

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3 Questions to Ask Before Installing New Gutters

For homeowners, water can be a friend, or it can be a foe. If not properly redirected, rain can become a huge issue, which makes …

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