Tree Trimming In Spring To Maintain Roof

Tree Trimming In Spring To Maintain Roof

As we move closer to spring, everyone makes those major landscaping decisions to enjoy their outdoor space, including either loving or hating the trees in their yard. Trees can be enjoyable, but without proper care can be damaging to your roof's protection. The debris falls on the roof and into gutters, causing slower water movement and degrading shingles. This is minor compared to an actual limb falling on the top of your home or even scraping across the roof, causing shingles to tear.

For these reasons and many others, make sure you look at your trees when dreaming of your perfect home oasis. Have tree limbs clear from your roof or areas with high kid playing traffic or leisure spots. Please keep reading to receive more valuable information on your trees and prevent those mishaps we never think about before it is too late.

Gutter Guards

If doing roof work yourself is not a viable option, you will need to hire someone. This is an important Cleaning gutters is a pain, and you want to enjoy your spring and summertime. However, the falling pollen pods, gumballs, flowers, leaves can get stuck in your gutters and not be able to navigate through without extraction. Gutter guards offer a covering where you can avoid the clogs and keep water flowing with ease—keeping that beautiful landscaping in tip-top shape and your neighbors envious.

gutter guard types - gutter screens, gutter covers, and high flow

Rubbing Branches

If tree limbs are growing over your home, they can cause big problems and damage the shingles. Yes, they can fall with winds, but even if the limbs don't fall, mother nature gives some great winds for kite flying, but not so good winds for limbs scratching and rubbing on the outer shell of your home covering. This is a huge problem and can result in torn shingles, shingles that are folded back against the grain of the roof, and shingles with missing granules. These conditions shorten the lifespan of your roof and eventually lead to your home not being as protected as you would like from leaks.

Wildlife Critters

If doing roof work yourself is not a viable option, you will need to hire someone. This is an important You have to love the birds chirping in the spring or squirrels finding nuts. Unfortunately, those critters aren't so cute, cuddly or friendly when they enter your home. Insects and wildlife use those limbs to navigate, and if they are near your home, you are giving them a welcome party when entering. Trimming the limbs allows for those critters to stay where they belong, instead of in your attic or home walls, costing serious money with them chewing wires and burrowing into the insulation of your home.

We hope you enjoyed and learned a few ways to make your tree landscaping best for your outdoor needs and the protection of your home. For questions about gutters, gutter guards, or if you need a roof inspection, call us at 678.345.1711.