Why Choose Drone Roof Inspections

Why Choose Drone Roof Inspections

There are hundreds of roofing companies in GA that do full roof replacement due to storm damage, generally paid for by the homeowner's insurance. Most of these companies will provide you with a free roof inspection. But what sets Northpoint Roofing Systems apart from other roofing companies?

One of the greatest benefits of using Northpoint Roofing is the fact that we do our inspections using state-of-the-art drones and highly accurate artificial intelligence to inspect your roof. Why would this matter to you, as the consumer? There are several reasons, let's take a close at each of these:

Drawbacks of Physical Roof Inspections

First and foremost, when a roofing contractor physically climbs on your roof, there are inherent risks.

  • The contractor could be causing damage to make you believe you need a new roof.
  • The contractor could get hurt while inspecting your roof, resulting in an insurance claim since they were on your property.
  • The contractor could tell you there is damage when in fact there is not, and since you are not likely to climb the roof yourself, you can't really validate the information.

In addition to this, when a contractor climbs on your roof you are trusting their subjective opinion about the health of your roof.

  • You could have 10 different roofing companies give you 10 different health reports of your roof.
  • Since 7 out of 10 of the top insurance companies are using drone technology to look at storm damage on roofs, by using the same technology that they utilize, there is a better chance that your roof will be approved if an insurance claim is filed.

Advantages of a Drone Roof Inspection

So what makes the drone and AI technology we use at Northpoint Roofing the best in the industry?

  • We utilize the leading provider of drone-based roof inspections, Loveland Innovations.
  • Their technology allows us to efficiently gather incredible roof and property data to be analyzed online.
  • We are then able to organize and review this data using AI damage detection, to identify storm damage that would likely be covered by a homeowner's insurance policy.
  • Once we complete the analysis, we can compile a comprehensive report that we then share with the homeowner, detailing the damage found. This report is complete with images and identification markers of each storm-damaged area of their roof.

All of this amazing technology is available to our customers free of charge. You can sign up for your free drone inspection online, at: www.northpointroofingsystems.com, or on our Facebook page - Northpoint Roofing Systems, or by calling our office at 678-345-1711.