The Benefits of Using Artificial Intelligence to Detect Storm Damage

Let’s look at what AI is and why AI (artificial intelligence) is so beneficial when combined with the drone technology. AI is the computer version of the human brain, where learning, planning, problem solving, and reasoning happen. Like the human brain, AI learns from its mistakes and gets smarter over time. So How does AI work in storm damage detection on your roof? It’s simple really, the AI is trained to identify hail hits, wind damage, rust, wrinkling, blistering and many other defects that occur as a result of weather.

Why would you want this AI used to determine the extent of damage to your roof? There are several reasons the AI is beneficial to a consumer. Let look at some of benefits.

  • Speed – We all know that computers are faster than humans at just about everything. Inspections are no exception.      While a physical roof inspection might take anywhere from 1-2 hours, the drone inspection is completed in 15-20 minutes. The AI does all the work behind the scenes and it requires no more time than it takes the drone to take the photographs.     
  • Experience – When allowing a roofing company to physically inspect your roof, you need to consider the inspectors level of experience in identifying storm damage. Did they just enter this field, or have they been in the industry for 20 years?  With AI, there is no learning curve. The AI has been taught with the intelligence of industry experts, and this means every inspection is handles with expert eyes.     
  • Trust – Drone inspections and AI are becoming a staple in the insurance industry. 7 of the top 10 insurance companies are using drones and AI for damage detection and they are approving or denying claims based on this technology. As a consumer this is significant because if you are filing a claim due to storm damage, you will have a better chance of a claim approval if your inspection is being done utilizing the same technology that the top insurance agencies are using.

When choosing a company to inspect your roof for storm damage, you should strongly consider the benefits of AI in the inspection process. Here at Northpoint we use the most respected AI technology in the industry. Our drone inspections are always free and we would love to help you assess the health of your roof in the near future.