What to Look for in a Roof When Buying a New Home

  •  Buying a new home is an exciting and important time in your life.  One of the most important things to inspect when looking at your new home is the roof.There are many things to look at when inspecting a roof on a home you are considering buying.
  • One of the first things to find out is how old the roof is. Look to see if there is any algae.
  •  You should also look to see if there are worn out shingles or missing shingles caused by wind or hail damage.
  •  It is also good to ask questions about the roof’s ventilation system. Poor ventilation in a roof can cause problems, such as algae.
  • Check the attic for moisture on the roof decking.
  • When inside the house it is also helpful to look for any signs of a leak from the roof.
  • Leaking in a home is a major problem that can cause severe and extensive damage to your home.
  •  Rooftop downspouts are also important to check.
  • Check the downspouts to ensure that the water is running into storm water wells instead of the ground.
  •  Be sure to check for any signs of flooding around the house.
  • These are all especially important things to look at when considering buying a home.
  •  The roof is one of the most important things on a home.
  • Home inspectors do not typically go on the roof to do a manual inspection to look for things such as hail or storm damage. It is however extremely important to look at the roof before buying your home.
  • If you do not know whether or not your roof was inspected when you bought the home, there is no need to panic. 
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