The Average Lifespan of Roofing Materials

There are numerous options in roofing materials and each one has its own features and benefits. When deciding what you want to use for your new roof, ascetics are important, but you are undoubtably going to consider the lifespan of each material as one of the top priorities. Let’s look at the materials that are available and the pros and cons of each material.

  • Asphalt/Fiberglass Shingles
    • This is the most common type of shingle used in the southeast. They are relatively inexpensive and do not require a lot of care. On average they last from 20-40 years under optimal conditions, however most warranties only guarantee these shingles for 10-20 years, and only from manufactures defects. When hit by hail or wind from severe storms, the lifespan of these roof can be reduced by up to 50%.
  • Metal Roofing
    • Metal roofs are unique in their look and functionality. They are usually made with galvanized steel sheets in varying finishes. They vary greatly in cost depending on the selections made. The life span of metal roofs ranges from 50-100 years, however most subdivisions with HOA’s will not allow this type of roofing unless it is the standard in the neighborhood.
  • Tile Roofs
    • Tile roofs are made of varying materials. You can get concrete, terra cotta, slate, or clay. This is a very durable roofing that holds up well to strong wind and heavy rain. It can often be found in coastal areas where strong storms are prevalent. Clay tiles can last from 40-60 years and concrete tiles have a lifespan of 50-100 years.
  • Wood Shingles
    • This is a more costly option than most roofing materials. It is generally made from pressure treated cedar or other types of wood. These roofs require more maintenance than other options but have a fantastic weathered look. You can expect a wood roof to last 25-30 years in optimal conditions.

Although there are many options available, not all are available for every home. Make sure you have a certified roofing contractor walk you through the selections, and help you make the best decision for your home.