What Causes Roof Damage

What Causes Roof Damage

Your roof is your home's first line of defense against the elements, but some elements of nature can eventually wear away the integrity of your roof, exposing your home to damage. Some of the most common causes of roof damage include trees, ice and snow, hail, wind, vines, small animals, and algae.

These factors can lead to water damage and associated issues, like mold, rot, pest infestations, and significant structural damage, so it's important to address them right away.

Regular maintenance and inspections by a certified roofing company will help you identify roof damage in its early stages and prevent more serious damage.

Here's what causes roof damage:


Trees are aesthetically pleasing around your home, but without proper maintenance, they pose a risk to your roof. You should regularly check trees for limbs that need trimming. In addition, you should look for overall trunk health, and make sure the tree is not leaning significantly as this could result in it uprooting from the ground, and into your home.

Ice and Snow

During the winter months, the snow and ice can cause significant damage to your shingles. When the snow builds up on your shingles it can create ice damming, which prevents the water from draining correctly. This can cause significant damage to the interior of your home due to leaks.


Hail damage is the most difficult to see, but over time it can cause significant deterioration of your shingles, leaving your home unprotected. You need a professional roofer to identify this damage for you as it is not easy to see with an untrained eye.


Heavy wind can loosen your shingles, or even tear them off completely. When this happens, your home becomes exposed to weather and leaks will like develop. You should monitor your roof regularly for missing shingles.


If vines grow along your roof, their twining tendrils will eventually warp your shingles as they grow larger and tighter around the shingle. They also trap moisture under the shingles leading to water damage beneath the shingles. Vines should always be removed from a home's exterior to prevent damage.

Small Animals

There are a number of animals that may try to seek shelter through your roof. Mice, Rats, squirrels, and even larger animals like Raccoons often seek shelter from the elements through the roof. They will tear away at roofing or soffits to gain entry to the attic, leaving holes in your roof that expose your home to water damage. You should inspect your roof and attic periodically to look for signs of rodents or other animals.


Algae grow on the shaded portion of roofs where it is cool and damp. Algae retains moisture which then causes deterioration to your shingles. Algae should be removed from your roof to prevent damage.

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Now that you know what causes roof damage, you know what to look out for to keep your roof in tip-top shape. If you know or suspect that your roof has been affected by any of the above factors, you should contact Northpoint Roofing for a free drone roof inspection. Our team is highly experienced in identifying unseen hail and storm damage, missing shingles, and other problems.

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