Signs of Roof Ventilation Problems and How to Fix Them

Proper roof ventilation is extremely important to your roof and your home, without it your roof and entire home could possibly be damaged. Proper ventilation helps homeowners’ homes address and respond to heat and moisture that would otherwise cause a great deal of damage. It is important to know whether a home is properly ventilated or not. Signs of improper ventilation include:

  • A higher than normal bill for heating or air conditioning, which is usually caused by the homeowner’s attic ventilation becoming wet and losing effectiveness. Mold can also be present due to this. If this occurs the HVAC must work overtime.
  • A rippled appearance can also become noticeable on the homeowner’s roofline and shingles that is caused by warping of moisture-damaged decking underneath. 
  • Water stains appearing on the inside roof is a sign of improper ventilation along with evidence of decay of the roof’s structural supports and integrity. 
  • If the homeowner, or their family members, seem to have worse allergy problems than normal that could also be a sign of poor roof ventilation, and could mean that their immune system is having a hard time coping with the mold caused by poor roof ventilation. 

If a homeowner suspects that their roof is poorly ventilated, it is important that the problem is addressed as soon as possible. In order to fix this problem, the homeowner can:

  • Contact a roofing company to inspect the roof. 
  • A representative for a roofing company will be able to tell from the signs above, such as rippled shingles, whether or not the roof is properly ventilated. 
  • If the roof is not properly ventilated, the homeowner may need to have their roof replaced, and in the process of replacing the roof, certain precautions can be taken to help prevent poor roof ventilation in the future, such as adding more roof vents to the homeowner’s roof. 
  • If you believe that your home may have improper roof ventilation contact us for a free drone inspection. If your roof does have poor ventilation it is likely that a new roof is needed, which insurance can pay for!