Should You Stay Home During Your Roof Installation?

So, your getting a new roof… Not the most glamourous home improvement, but arguably one of the most important, because it protects everything underneath it, including your family. As the installation date approaches, we often have homeowners asking if they need to be home during the installation. While the decision is always the homeowners to make, here are some things to consider:

  • Roofing is very noisy so you may find it more enjoyable to head out for the day of installation
  • As the old roof is being removed and installed there will be debris coming off the roof, so it may be safer to be away during the re-roofing process. If you choose to be home, plan to stay indoors throughout the process
  • There will be workers and work vehicles on your property making it difficult or impossible to leave during installation so if you remain home and think you may need to leave for any reason, make sure your car is on the street where you won’t get blocked in
  • The noise can be upsetting to some pets, so you may consider taking them out for the  day, especially if they are particularly susceptible to noise.

If you choose Northpoint for your roofing project, we only ask that you return home for a final walk around to make sure you are as thrilled with your new roof as we are to have been able to replace it for you.