5 Things You Should Know About Your Home’s Roof Decking

5 Things You Should Know About Your Home’s Roof Decking

When you look up at your roof, what exactly do you see? Undoubtedly, you'll see the layers of shingles visible by the eye from the street. Yet, various components comprise the comprehensive roofing system that beautifies and safeguards a home.

Roof decking is one of these must-have materials to ensure residential structure and safety when it matters the most. Here are five things you should know about your home's roof decking if considering roofing repairs or replacement.

Decking Is Part of a Well-Built Roofing System

The roof's decking is the vital base of the entire roofing system. A well-built system consists of a solid decking that serves as a secure foundation for supplementary materials and accessories. As groundwork sheathing, these boards fill the spaces between key structural components, such as fastened joists and trusses, to support additional outer layers. This flat and protective deck must conform to local building codes for safety assurance.

Decking Provides an Extra Layer of Protection

Some may think decking solely supports heavy underlayment and shingles, yet this layer provides enhanced protection for the entire system. Besides acting as everyday structural support, decking sustains the weight of increased loads, holds firm against extreme weather and intense winds, and braces securely against sudden impact from falling branches or debris. Not to mention continually safeguarding interiors from moisture or leakage.

Decking Contains Various Materials

Decking isn't one size, shape, or form fits all. To ensure the home's integrity for years, roofing contractors recommend different types of solid surface solutions based on what is ideal for the extent of roof damage or the local area's climate. The most common materials for residential roofing systems are rigid and waterproof oriented strand board (OSB) or dense and moisture-resistant plywood.

Decking Doesn't Always Need Replacement

Many homeowners wonder: If my shingles need repair or replacement, do I need to replace the roof sheathing as well? Standard roof decks are good for several installations, so the answer depends on the home's condition and the roof's age. Any signs of compromised integrity in the decking call for replacement. Roofing contractors will check if the deck is sound before installing new components.

Decking Inspection Can Be a Tricky Business

Out of all the things you should know about your home's roof decking, recognizing how challenging inspection can be completes the list. Fortunately, experienced roofing contractors can provide professional insight and recommendations by diagnosing the health of the decking and the entire roofing system.

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