Talley Rose

FAA Drone Pilot

What’s your favorite part of your job?

Being able to almost feel what it’s like to fly.


I’m 24 years old from Florida and all about Yellow. I recently moved to Georgia 2 years ago so I could help out with my family. I started working as a Pack member for Great Wolf Lodge as a Giftshop attendant and even started helping clean and care for all our electronics for our Magiquest Game. I’m a huge video game fanatic and nerd so when I decided to become a FAA certified Drone Pilot to work with Northpoint I couldn’t be happier; it was like playing a video game, only with real life consequences if you ran into a tree.

Favorite gift as a kid? 

Nintendo Gamecube and The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess I got for Easter the year it came out. My brother happened to get the same exact thing for himself despite being a couple states away. We called each other so excited we couldn’t contain ourselves.

Favorite family tradition?

There are two actually. May 20th every year family and friends drink a margarita in my mother’s name.

My second family tradition is to watch all 3 Lord of the Ring movies on Thanksgiving while we cook. We tried adding the Hobbit movie, it was not pretty.

Dream Vaca?

Anywhere anytime that it is warm because I’m a Floridian. All of Japan, or the Egyptian deserts learning about the Pyramids and tombs.

Secret talent?
I am the Dog whisperer.

Dream Achievement?

To simply achieve a foundation in life to keep me steady.

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