Kevin Sullivan

Sales Manager

What’s your favorite part of your job? 

It is without a doubt the people. I enjoy the pleasure of working with some amazing people. From the owners of this company and on down the line, there are nothing but amazing & talented people all around me. Then of course there’s the ever growing list of customers. I have had the opportunity to help lots of interesting people get a new roof. I have some really great stories from many of them over the years. Including driving a $250k Ferrari! It was the fastest car I have ever driven by a long shot.


I was raised in Atlanta, GA  but I come from Canadian roots. I tell everyone I’m Southern by the grace of God. My professional work history started at the age of 12 doing janitorial work each night for my family owned business. I’ve mainly been in Management or Sales for numerous Fortune 500 Companies with locations here in Atlanta. I’ve done both residential and business to business sales and I have had as many as 30+ direct reports under my supervision in my past.

Favorite gift as a kid?

I have led a blessed life for sure. I’ve had many wonderful gifts over the years. I guess the Go-Kart I got as a present at the age of 12 would be one of my favorites. I drove that thing to death!

Favorite family tradition?

When my parents were still alive, it would be the big Christmas gatherings we used to have with all of us (my 2 brothers and their families) getting together at mom and dad’s house. We would exchange presents, watch all our kids play together, get to catch-up on our busy lives and enjoy a spectacular meal together. My mom relished the opportunity to demonstrate her love for us all by cooking our childhood favorite meals.

Dream Vaca?

I still haven’t made it to Hawaii. I definitely have to get that off my bucket list.

Secret talent?

I don’t have any really? But if you catch me at the right time I like to sing. Many of my  best friends growing up are musicians. We get together a few times of year to hang out and reminisce about our childhood antics. Undoubtedly an acoustic guitar will come out at some point and then you’ll hear an uninhabited song or two out of me. I love to make a joyful sound in Church on most Sunday mornings as well.

Dream Achievement?

My main one has already been realized. I have two amazing and talented children. Having had the privilege of watching them become two productive members of society is a huge blessing. Knowing that they are genuinely really good, loving, and unselfish people…that is priceless. My achievement was not screwing them up too bad. 

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