Dechaune Myers

FAA Drone Pilot

What’s your favorite part of your job? 

Using the company provided drone and car to inspect various homes for roof damage. Basically all of it.  


I’m originally from California but have been in Georgia for a really long time now. My kids are my inspiration and they have a piece of my personality, which is fun because I get to relive the best moments of my life just by watching them discover themselves. 

Favorite gift as a kid? 

My first non disposable camera.

Favorite family tradition? 

Giving thanks before a meal. 

Dream Vaca? 

Tough to say, either Bannf, Canada or Kyoto, Japan. 

Secret talent? 

I can fall asleep almost anywhere pretty quickly. 

Dream Achievement?

Flying drones as a part of the crew of a Marvel movie. 

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