Roof Sagging: Possible Causes

Roof Sagging: Possible Causes

You may be wondering: "What causes a roof to sag"? Roof sagging is a serious problem that needs to be promptly addressed. There can be several factors that cause a roofing system to begin to sag and it's important to know about them so you can determine the right solution.

Old Age

Older roofing systems can lead to a sagging roof. Most asphalt shingle roofs are only designed to withstand 20-30 years, and that's with minimal external damages and proper maintenance. If your roof is nearing the upper limit of its project lifespan, it becomes more vulnerable to sagging.

Design or Construction Flaws

Flawed roof design or flawed construction can easily make it vulnerable to sagging, even if it's still relatively new. This issue can be caused by the manufacturers themselves or caused by the installation done by a contractor. That's one of several reasons why it's crucial to hire a skilled, reputable company that offers high-end roofing products.


Too much weight on your roofing system can also cause sagging. One example of this is if too many layers of shingles were added. If your roofer ever makes this mistake, the structural integrity of the system can easily be compromised.

Get Your Roof Inspected By A Professional

Sagging roofs are symptoms of a pretty serious problem that should always be checked out by a roofing professional. Our team will gladly give you a free drone inspection to ensure that your roof doesn't have a serious problem or other kinds of damage.