Questions to ask Potential Roofing Contractors

Questions to ask Potential Roofing Contractors

Finding a roofing company to replace your roof can cause a lot of stress and confusion, but don’t allow yourself to get so flustered that you forget to ask the big questions!

Here are 6 questions to ask a potential roofing contractor to help get the ball rolling and ensure the company you choose has the expertise that’s needed for a smooth and reliable process.

Are You a Licensed Roofing Contractor?

This question is one of the most important questions you should ask, the answer should always be yes! Don’t work with a contractor that isn’t licensed. If the contractor isn’t licensed the job will not only be more dangerous, but it could also lead to a roof that isn’t up to code which could result in fines and legal actions.

Do You Have All the Needed Insurance?

This is another big one that always needs a “yes”. If the contractor doesn’t have the proper insurance, then the responsibility and liability falls on the homeowner.

If you work with a roofing contractor, they should always have insurance for their work as well as their workers. Additionally, ensure that a warranty policy is offered and you understand that warranty that is provided. Trustworthy roofing companies typically offer warranties on work performed, which will allow you to have a greater peace of mind through the process. 

Do You Use Subcontractors?

The answer to this question isn’t necessarily bad either way, but you do want to make sure that you know who will be working around, on, or in your house, and that the roofing company or contractors have records of the subcontractors they work with.

Make sure you know the track record of the subcontractors (or employees) as well, as the quality of their past work is the best indication of the quality they will provide you.

Do You Work with Insurance Companies?

This is an awesome question if you know you’ll be making a claim or if there’s storm damage to your roofing.

Working with a roofing company that knows their way around insurance claims is a pivotal way to avoid a whole lot of frustration throughout the process. They can also help with any questions that may arise while working together with the insurance company to get the claim approved.

What Safety Measures Do You Use?

This question should be easy for your contract to answer. They should be able to explain their safety measures that will be taken, and should be able to answer questions and concerns you would have in regards to this. The company you work with should have safety down to a science to ensure the most efficient installation they can provide. 

Can You Provide an Estimate or Quote?

A good roofing company will always provide a free quote, estimate, or inspection. 

You should be concerned if you’re only offered a verbal quote, this could lead to issues later in the process when it comes to payment. Make sure you protect yourself and get quotes, guarantees, and other agreements in writing.

Here at Northpoint Roofing Systems we want this process to be as seamless and efficient as possible for you. We’re licensed, insured, and experienced with insurance claims. As a company we also prioritize safety for everyone involved.

If you have any questions that weren’t answered in this blog, or you want a free drone inspection, give us a call today!