Potential Damage from Hanging Tree Branches

Potential Damage from Hanging Tree Branches

Throughout much of the south, homeowners and property owners are blessed to have an expansive and diverse amount of tree canopies sheltering their homes and businesses.

This natural canopy has many advantages-not least of which is its beauty; but also protection from UV lights as well as some protection from heating the shingles on your property.

Albeit, there are many benefits, there are also disadvantages. Trees and branches can cause extensive and expensive damage to roofing systems. This leads to the question many homeowners ponder: How far should tree branches be from a roof?

It’s suggested that a branch should maintain about 10 feet of space from your roofing system. This is an important factor when purchasing a new home or planting new trees outside. 

Trees and Your Roof

Trees can cause tremendous damage to a home, especially if the entirety of the tree topples over onto a structure. This can happen from storms where the ground ends up drenched from the rain, add some strong winds and disaster strikes. Strong winds can also cause heavy branches to fall off the tree itself. Keeping trees trimmed prior to this weather is vital in ensuring safety for your home.

Even without a severe storm, branches that are too close to your home can cause slow but steady damage to the roof, windows, siding, and more. This is because trees in your yard are constantly dropping twigs, fruits, nuts, and cones as well as annually shedding its leaves. 

The leaves and droppings from hanging branches can clog gutters as well, a buildup of debris can form a blanket layer that attracts moisture that can lead to rot.

Regular trimming can ensure that your tree grows strong and healthy while also protecting the home or building for which it provides beauty and shade.

We highly suggest consulting with a certified arborist about your tree care and tree service needs. They can handle the job, whether it’s trimming tree limbs over your house or determining the most appropriate course of action.

If you’ve noticed any damage to your roof, it’s definitely time to consider calling for your free drone inspection today.