Why is the CertainTeed Certificate Important

Only 1% of roofing companies world wide hold a CertainTeed certificate. When a roofing company tries to get this certificate their whole business is looked at inside out. They must have excellent customer service, the most qualified installers, must be up to date on all credentials, and on the inside of the business they need to know smart business choices are being made...that you’ll be around for a very long time. This certificate shows that you are a premier company, and you hold the highest standards in the roofing business. This also gives the company a chance to offer more to their customers like the 5 star warranty which includes 25 years of workmanship coverage! Just so you know, the other 99% of roofing companies that are not CertainTeed certified normally only offer 1 yr of coverage on their workmanship. So if you’re looking to get your roof inspected or done why not go with someone in that 1% that can go above and beyond your needs...at least you can sleep easy at night knowing you have a strong roof over your families heads.