what is roof sheathing

What Is Roof Decking?

If you're a homeowner, then you're likely aware of your roof's materials. However, you may not be aware of roof sheathing. Whether you are looking for a new roof sheathing or a replacement, Northpoint Roofing Systems can help. Let's take a look at what roof sheathing is and how it can benefit your roof.

What is Roof Sheathing?

Roof sheathing, or roof decking, is the wooden boards that make up the foundation of the roof system. These boards add strength and support to the roof by distributing weight evenly. Roof sheathing protects your home's roof from sagging or bowing due to large amounts of snow and precipitation.

what is roof decking

Types of Roof Sheathing

The next step homeowners should take is to understand the types of roof sheathing. There are a couple types of roof sheathing homeowners can expect for their home, those types are plank sheathing and sheet sheathing.

  • Plank sheathing. The use of plank sheathing was commonly used before the invention of plywood. This style of sheathing uses elongated and rectangular wooden boards that consist of two sizes, 1x6" and 1x8". Even with the long historical use of plank sheathing and the rise of sheet sheathing, many homes still use this style of sheathing.

  • Sheet sheathing. Compared to plank sheathing, sheet sheathing is composed of wide and flat pieces of wood. The two types of sheet sheathing include plywood and oriented strand boards. Oriented strand boards are very popular in this day and age, they are made of compressed wood chips and strips in a flat 7/16" sheet. Choosing between plywood and oriented strand boards is dependent on a homeowner's budget and the availability of the wood.

Other styles of sheathing include the metal variety that are sectioned off in panel form, and composite panels that are made with a plethora of materials and provide better insulation.

Importance of Roof Sheathing

While roof sheathing may be an afterthought, the importance of roof sheathing can't be overstated. Roof sheathing serves many purposes and provides several benefits like the ones listed below.

  • Roof sheathing provides structural support and stability to your roof

  • Evenly distributes the weight of roof materials and the accumulation of snow and rain

  • Enhances integrity and lifespan of the roof

  • Can help prevent fires

  • Aids in stopping leaks

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Signs of Roof Sheathing Issues

Like many other aspects of your home, roof sheathing has a lifespan and might require attention over time. Some common signs that indicate the need for a roof sheathing replacement:

  • Sagging or uneven roof surface

  • Water damage or leaks in the attic

  • Visible signs of rot, mold, or deterioration

  • Presence of pests or insect infestation

Issues like these can lead to more inconvenient problems down the road. Homeowners don't want to get to the point of replacing their roof's sheathing in addition to other costly repairs.

Roof Sheathing Replacement

Because a roof's sheathing is located underneath the exterior of your roof, homeowners might ask themselves when is a good time to replace their roof sheathing. If you notice any of the possible roof sheathing issues like a sagging or uneven roof, water damage or leak in the attic, visible signs of rot, mold, or deterioration, and various infestations, that is a telltale sign that a replacement is needed.

Another sign that may show it's time for a replacement is the age of the roof sheathing. The general guideline for the lifespan of your roof's sheathing is the 20-30-year range. This can vary depending on the materials used for your roof's sheathing and the wear and tear your roof has sustained over the years.

Costs to consider when replacing your roof sheathing include the style of sheathing and labor costs. Different materials will cost different amounts for square footage and cost per sheet. Labor costs also are dependent on cost-per-square-foot or per-hour rates.

Contact Northpoint Roofing for Roof Inspection and Replacement

For those looking to get their roof's sheathing inspected or replaced, schedule an appointment with Northpoint Roofing Systems. Northpoint Roofing Systems will fit your needs while prioritizing top-notch replacement services. Being proactive about your home's roof maintenance will save time, and money, and help extinguish issues your roof may have.