The Benefits of Having Solar Panels Installed on Your Roof

The Benefits of Having Solar Panels Installed on Your Roof

Have you begun the hunt for an energy solution? Look no further. Installing solar panels as a homeowner is a trend worth considering, with inflation grabbing hold of home utility expenses. With a roof-installed solar system, you can increase your home's value and begin benefiting from the cost savings of renewable energy. In this article, we take a closer look at the various benefits of roof-installed solar panels and why they are the solution you need.

Environmentally Conscious

The money you will save is only one great attribute of solar energy. The environmental advantages make up another significant benefit of solar panels. Roof-installed solar panel systems are a source of clean, renewable energy. And when thinking about general fossil fuel consumption, these systems reduce negative releases and wastage.

Greenhouse gases, atmospheric particulates, and pollution are causes of great concern in regard to fossil fuel consumption and large pulls on energy grids. The more homeowners convert to solar panel roof installations, the better off the environment will be in regard to overall air quality and ecological recovery efforts.

Low Profiling With No Impact on Curb Appeal

A significant issue for some homeowners is the lack of design aesthetics available with solar panels. Some argue that the presence of solar panels negates their home's more appealing design elements.

One of the top benefits of roof-installed solar systems is their low profiling. This type of solar installation does not take away from a home's overall curb appeal. Modern, sleek design concepts allow solar panels to remain slim and integrate seamlessly on roofs. Homeowners tend to prefer this installation tactic over bulky yard coverage.

Enhanced Roof Protection

Moisture is a significant area of concern for homeowners. As roofing ages, its integrity begins to degrade, and the moisture barrier can wither. With the addition of roof-installed solar panels on an integrated installation technique, the roof has a supplementary layer of protection from moisture and damage.

Any time the solar panels require drilled mounts, the drilling generally goes into the surface and penetrates the roof racking. Each penetration beyond the roof's surface subjects it to increased water damage and moisture build-up. When an integrated solar panel system sits on the roof, it includes a flashing underneath the panels to help prevent moisture and excess water run-off from penetrating beneath the roof's surface and creating damage, mold, or ineffective shingling.

Decreased Pest Infiltration

An integrated solar panel installation is one of the best lines of defense against pest infiltration. A mounted panel leaves room for birds, pests, and other critters to burrow underneath panels and cause damage. With enough time and space to burrow, the damage to the roof and panel system can become costly and put homeowners in unfavorable financial circumstances.

When the panels experience damage, the energy yields are at significantly reduced volumes. The burrows pests and critters create can inevitably lead to decreased panel airflow and overheating. Regardless of the consequences of pests, integrative roof installation systems mitigate these outcomes and leave homeowners more satisfied overall.

Increase in Property Value

The surface value of a roof-installed solar system automatically provides a property with the advantage of being environmentally friendly. But these measures undoubtedly increase the overall value of the home.

Many homeowners waiver with the cost-benefits of investing in solar, but on a long-term scale, it is advantageous to take this route. Whether you sell today, tomorrow, or in 15 years, solar panel systems will only continue to increase in demand and lead to appreciating home values.

Due to the increased demand for solar energy, it's easy to assume the cost to install solar in the future will also inflate. By investing now, you can receive the most economical system and guarantee that the value of the system on your home will grow significantly over time.

Cost Savings Advantages

The long-term benefits of roof-installed solar panels include overall property incentives. But in the short-term, there is an immediate return on investment with a reduced energy bill and decreased toll on the energy grids.

What's more, if your home does not use all the energy it produces, you can reap the benefits of this by selling the unused energy back to the energy grid. Some companies allow you to put this profit toward your next energy cycle, creating a cycle of always being ahead on expenses. Other companies may allow you to simply put that money back into your wallet. The terms of these payouts are subject to your location, company, and grid demands.

As the nation puts one foot in front of the other to make strides in energy conservation efforts, there are also tax benefits to those who invest in solar energy. While these tax breaks vary by state, it's worth noting that the tax incentives contribute greatly to reduced taxation on property owners and can make the investment worthwhile for those who qualify.

Increased Home Independence

The less your home depends on the energy grid and fossil fuel consumption, the more independent you will be. The ability to cut the cord from the utility company helps homeowners control their usage on an as-needed basis without the hassle of worrying about peak hours or inflated rates.

There are also instances when natural disasters can cause energy grids to stop functioning. In these situations, having full independence from the supplier can prevent your home from experiencing an outage.

Even when a natural disaster isn't on the table, a cyber attack very well could be. This subjects customers of a given company to risks of personal identity theft or account mismanagement. When energy grids experience downtimes of any nature, there is no surefire way to know how long these blackouts will last.

You need a reputable and trustworthy source of solar installations to ensure quality grade panels and installation services. Regardless of how many panels you install, placing them on your roof is one of the best locations to obtain high volumes of sunlight and achieve optimal performance for your home. When it's time to seek out solar shingles installation companies, partner with a supplier like Northpoint Roofing Systems. We are trained and certified in residential roofing solutions and have a reputation you can trust for solar panels and installations.

The Benefits of Having Solar Panels Installed on Your Roof