Roof Repair vs Replacement: 3 Tips To Help Decide

Roof Repair vs Replacement: 3 Tips To Help Decide

The roof is an incredibly important part of any building, as it protects us most from the elements. However, over time, enduring such conditions will inevitably lead to damage or wear and tear. That poses the question, then, of whether you should replace or repair your existing roof. Here are three tips to help decide between roof repair vs replacement.

Roof Age

Unfortunately, nothing in this world is immune to time and the toll aging brings with it. The older your roof is, the more difficult it can be to adequately repair without it becoming a cascade of new issues that need to be repaired. The general rule of thumb is that a roof over 15 years old should be strongly considered for roof replacement. If it's any newer than that, however, a roofing service can easily repair small damages or wear and tear so that it's as good as new!

Water Damage

Looking for water damage is one of the greatest tips to help decide whether repairing or replacing your roof is the right call. Water damage is often obvious, appearing as a dark spot on your roof. If the dark spot feels soft and takes up a large part of your roof, you should absolutely consider getting a roof replacement. If the water damage is minimal, you can instead consider repairs to get more out of your roof investment.

Rot and Damage

Similar to water damage, you may discover rot and decay on your roof—typically while performing some other repair. Rot can be more subtle than water damage, so it's tough to catch right away when the roof is still repairable. However, you should look for parts of your roof that are laden with moss or branches as a sign of rot. Small patches of rot can be patched up without issue, but larger areas of rot will require an entire replacement.

For physical damage that may occur from storms throwing around debris, the principle is the same. Small holes and damage can be patched over without issue. Larger damage can potentially be repaired, but it will often be more of an extensive process.

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