How Drones Can Provide a Full Roof Inspection

How Drones Can Provide a Full Roof Inspection

Every day, homeowners face decisions with their homes that can add value. One of these things is roof inspections and repairs. The roof is the first line of defense against various outdoor elements and harsh conditions, so it's critical to ensure your roof is strong, safe, and reliable. Through advanced technology, full roof inspections with drones provide homeowners with increased insights and data on completing these repairs with optimal performance features in mind.

Out With the Old

The traditional roof inspection process was more hands-on and required a series of steps to ensure safety, completion, and thorough analysis. Technicians typically used ladders, visual indicators, and samples to complete reports and present homeowners with the collected data. Issues with this process were a lack of thoroughness and general safety risks.

While sales reps, inspection teams, and insurance agents did their best to complete these tasks with as much insight as possible, they usually missed areas that became problems once the work began. As technology expanded, roof inspections received much-needed updates, and drones began replacing ladders and collecting data with increased accuracy.

In With the New

Several roofing companies continue to use manual ladder inspections, but many are shifting their processes to the new technology and benefits of drone usage. At Northpoint Roofing Systems, we use industry-leading drone certified specialists to complete all overhead flight roof inspections. Our unique AI technology enables us to complete comprehensive reports to understand, define, and showcase repair needs for homeowners and insurance agencies.

The collected imagery from in-flight drones goes to a specific database to ensure optimal repair outcomes and help homeowners with future roof repairs while streamlining insurance reporting. Based on the captured photos, service providers, insurance companies, and homeowners can reach reliable conclusions on troubling areas with the roof, including rot underneath shingling.

Benefits of Drone Data

The benefits of the data drones collect encourage homeowners to complete repairs that add value and ultimately up the ante on home safety. This data collects and creates high-resolution imagery to evaluate a roof's integrity. Drone data can also pinpoint direct issues, advise repair demands, thermal tag troubled zones, and predict patterns for wet or dry roofing concerns.

With the added layer of enhanced artificial intelligence, our sales reps and your insurance agents will feel less frustration regarding problematic areas. The collected images and 3D renderings can aid in hyper-focused repairs or replacement needs. Homeowners benefit significantly from our AI technology for a home's utility demands, overall roof safety, and accuracy of insurance assessments.

Safety Advantages With Drone Inspections

Countless jobs put workers under stress and physical strain, and with that comes a series of safety risks. Manual roof inspecting is one of these taxing jobs.

The full roof drone inspection makes the job safer by decreasing an inspector's risk of walking along unsafe roofing. The drone imagery can detect risky or unstable structural integrity and create a safer approach to being on the roof. When hiring a residential roofing company that uses a drone for inspections, you can receive comprehensive data and trust that your roof inspection process will be safe.

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