Commercial Roof Preventative Maintenance 101: A Brief Guide

Commercial Roof Preventative Maintenance 101: A Brief Guide

Commercial buildings are great structures for housing businesses, but without proper care and routine maintenance, the productions and people relying on them are at risk. It's imperative for commercial property owners to complete regular inspections to stay ahead of damage and divert future issues. In this brief guide, we explore commercial roof preventative maintenance 101 and highlight its significance.

The Importance of Routine Inspections

Commercial roofs use one of two materials, TPO and PVC. These materials and other intricately installed systems require proper maintenance for long-term performance and safety. Completing routine inspections, whether maintenance occurs or not, is a significant aspect of caring for these systems and materials.

During an inspection, professionals can uncover potential issues with the materials and damage from weather, remove lingering debris, and thoroughly analyze the roof's condition. Additionally, this is an excellent opportunity for the building's owner to address potential concerns and bring awareness to various elements affecting the roof, from drainage systems, gutters, flashing, and more.

What To Expect During Preventative Maintenance

When a professional visits your commercial property, they will complete an inspection of the roofing system to gain knowledge surrounding its performance, condition, and existing issues. From here, you can expect routine or preventative maintenance to occur, which will bring relief to affected areas and help you stay ahead of potential problems.

Most often, preventative maintenance includes resolving tears or flashing issues, removing standing water and finding a resolution for the affected areas, and performing seam repair, gutter repair, or cleaning. It's essential to note the list of preventative maintenance may vary based on the building's needs at a given time. The professionals will complete the tasks that improve the roofing's life expectancy and optimal performance.

A few other maintenance measures you may experience include:

  • Roof cleaning
  • Sheet repairs or replacements
  • Gutter repairs or replacements

The Advantages of Preventative Maintenance

Commercial property owners know replacements of any kind are a lofty investment that many people aren't prepared to manage when the need arises. These costly expenses and pauses in production are preventable when there is a system in place for preventative commercial roof maintenance.

The cost to complete a minor commercial roof repair will always be less than that of a full roof replacement due to a lack of proper care and handling. Aside from the financial savings this option offers, there are a few other advantages of preventative maintenance, including:

  • Interior water damage protection
  • Increased lifespan
  • Improved energy efficiency

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