Sam Skillman

Frontline Sales Lead

What’s your favorite part of your job? 

My favorite part about the job is the people I get to talk to. 


Hello, my name is Sam. I was born in New Hampshire where it gets almost 6 feet of snow each year. Ever since I’ve moved to Georgia when I was 4, I’ve been in a constant state of acclimation with the hot and humid state I live in now. Since then I’ve also been acclimating to the people down here. Southerners definitely have a more down-to-earth quality about them, and they’re the type of people to offer a door-to-door salesman a water on a hot summer day. That’s what I like about my job, the kind and genuine people I get to meet. In my spare time i like to make music, art, and engage in any type of creative activity. I like to read and watch movies. I look forward to the future, and to becoming the best person I can be!

Favorite gift as a kid? 

Legos. Lots of Legos. 

Favorite family tradition? 

Getting Wawa soft pretzels. If you haven’t, try them. 

(This is not an advertisement, I just genuinely like them that much).

Dream Vaca? 

Going to either Brazil, or Puerto Rico

Secret talent? 

I can clap with one hand.

Dream Achievement?

Owning my own record label, and making music with people.

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