Nick Rodriguez

Roofing Consultant

What’s your favorite part of your job? 

Meeting new people and getting to know a little bit about them.


I grew up and went to school in Cherokee County. I had several different jobs before joining the fire department, where I now work full time as a fire fighter/ paramedic. I work at Northpoint Roofing Systems on my days off from the fire department. I met my wife in high school and we’ve been married for going on 9 years now. We have 3 beautiful girls (yes, I am way outnumbered) and an aussiedoodle. I enjoy spending as much time as I can with my family. I always try to put family first. I look forward to growing with the company and helping homeowners with their roofing needs.

Favorite gift as a kid? 

Probably the year I got a Stretch Armstrong (yeah remember those!) and a Power Wheels. Unfortunately my older brother ended up breaking both of those.

Favorite family tradition? 

All the family gatherings on the holidays. As a kid we always had big get togethers with our extended family that would last all night and continue on to the next day. Now with my fire department schedule we have to be more creative and flexible but we always make time for family.

Dream Vacation? 

European vacation to see all the historical areas.

Secret talent? 

I’m a pretty good cook. I can usually throw something together with whatever ingredients I have on hand. I am currently trying to learn as many of my mom’s recipes as I can. I’m also pretty good with animals. I’ve trained all the pets I’ve had myself.

Dream Achievement?

Being able to retire and spend time with my wife and able to provide my kids with as much opportunity to live out their dreams.

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