Joseph Happe

Roofing Consultant

Favorite part of the job?

 Being there for the adjusters appointments and getting the roofs approved. Being a quality representative for my customers to the insurance company.


I attended Cherokee High and University of Alabama at Birmingham grad. Played football for both institutions and earned a scholarship.  Career in management with 6 years spent as OPS manager for UPS. Currently a Firefighter/AEMT for Cherokee County Fire and Emergency services as well as Sales Rep for Northpoint Roofing Systems. Married to my wife Jennifer and father of our 11 year old daughter Emma Jo. We have 2 dogs, Harris’s Hawk(falconry), Green Cheek Conure, Saltwater fish/ coral reef tank. I enjoy hunting, fishing, trapping and have my falconry license as well as my nuisance wildlife trappers license.

Favorite gift as a kid?

Either my pet Ball Python or the rifle my grandfather gave me.

Favorite Family tradition?

Thanksgiving meals

Dream vaca?

I would love to go to Madagascar due to the wildlife that exclusively exists there.

Secret talent?

My ability to work with animals. I’ve spent a lifetime watching them and have developed a knack for reading them.

Dream achievement?

Just being a good husband and father to my family.

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