Heather Beverly

Scheduling Assistant

What’s your favorite part of your job?

Being able to make sure that the customers are receiving the information they need, assisting the sales team with getting their appointments, and knowing that everyone who works here is a team player. 


I am originally from Jacksonville, Florida. I grew up in foster care, moved to NC in 1991, stayed there until 2004, and then moved to GA. I am a mother of 4 adult children, a GG (grandma) to 2, soon to be 3, and have 1 fur baby named Chino. I am open, sometimes too much, believe in being upfront/honest, and can sometimes seem uptight (but I’m not). I enjoy spending time with family, friends, and playing bingo. 

Favorite gift as a kid?

The Annie soundtrack record 

Favorite family tradition?

Thanksgiving Dinner 

Dream Vaca?

I would love to visit Italy. I recently found my biological father, who is full blooded Italian, and has family over there. It would be nice to know where I actually come from. 

Secret talent?

I write poetry and short stories

Dream Achievement?

To be able to retire within the next 20 years, become financially stable enough to where nothing will hinder my ability to take care of my family, and relax in a home that I bought on my own. 

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