Greg Raney

Roofing Consultant

What’s your favorite part of your job?

All of it…  I really dig the people I get to work with. A really great group. I like getting paid, having fun, and helping people.


Hails from Lone Oak,KY. Attended Georgetown College & The University of Kentucky. Married 32 years to Rachael.Two kids, Madison 26, Dalton 23. One grandson Carter Wayne… He’s my buddy. Twenty six years in sales and sales management. Owned and operated four BP/ Amoco C-Stores. Grew up riding horses and shooting guns when I wasn’t throwing, catching, bouncing, or running with a ball. Expert marksman, woodsman, and turkey killer.

Favorite gift as a kid?

 A new in the box Marlin Golden 39A .22LR for Christmas one year was pretty cool.

Favorite family tradition?

Opening day of deer season in Kentucky and Illinois.

Dream Vaca?

Italy or Greece

Secret talent?

 Eating all the deviled eggs at Thanksgiving

Dream Achievement?

 I’m already living the dream man. I’m healthy and I’m loved. Can you dig it? 😎

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