Geoff Duval

Roofing Consultant

What’s your favorite part of your job?

Getting to meet new people everyday.


I grew up in Peoria, IL until I was 18 and then joined the Illinois National Guard. I serve for 4 years as a search and extraction specialist. After I was done with the army, I moved to Georgia, where I got into the Roofing Industry.

Favorite Gift as a kid?

My favorite gift as a kid would have to be my drum set that I received for Christmas when I was 10. I still have it.

Favorite family tradition?

My favorite family tradition was my family gathering together for every holiday and having dinner with everyone.

Dream Vaca?

I really want to go backpacking through Europe and experience as many different cultures as possible.

Secret talent?

I’m a pretty talented dancer.

Dream Achievement?

My dream achievement is to be as self-sufficient in my life as I can.

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