Connor Jones

Frontline Sales

What’s your favorite part of your job?

I get to see everybody’s dogs


 A door-to-door salesman is not the first thing that would have come to mind when thinking about what I wanted to do for work, but after discussing the company morals and seeing the actual tangible good that Northpoint Roofing Systems does, I was sold. By bringing my own personal energy and professional experience, as well as combining my belief in the quality of the company, I hope to leave every house having provided the homeowner with a little bit more knowledge, and a bigger feeling of empowerment over what is the single most valuable thing they own, than they might have started with.

 When Im not at work, I enjoy performing with my band, acting, and hanging out with my friends. I attended Woodstock high school and graduated in 2018. After that, I decided to forgo a college education to persue my acting and music career, where I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the biggest names in entertainment.

 Favorite gift as a kid?

 A guitar for my 8th birthday.

Favorite Holiday Tradition?

 Monkey bread on Christmas morning

Dream Vaca? Backpacking through the alps

Secret talent?

 I’m learning how to skateboard but I’m not sure that counts as a talent. Otherwise I don’t really have any “secret” talents.

Dream Achievement?

 To attend the 100th Oscars ceremony

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