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Summer and Your Roof

  • Summer months pose certain threats to your roof
  • One of the threats that summer months pose to roofs is heat
  • UV rays from the sun can cause your roof to age and decay
  • Specifically, UV rays can cause your roof to bleach, weaken and crack
  • The heat from the sun can also cause shingles on your roof to buckle and split
  • The changes in your roof’s temperature going from the heat of the day to the cool of night can cause your roof to weaken over time due to the expanding of your roof during the day, which is caused by heat, and the contracting of your roof at night.
  • Storms that commonly occur during the summer can also cause damage to your roof
  • Certain storms bring hail damage with them, which can damage your roof and cause the shingles to weaken
  • Wind from the summer storms can also cause damage to your roof by damaging shingles, either by curling them up or ripping them off completely
  • Thankfully when summer storms damage your roof your homeowners insurance is there to cover the cost of replacing your roof