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Once your appointment has been scheduled one of our FAA licensed drone pilots will fly a drone over your home to obtain measurements and photographs of your entire roof and home for our damage specialist to use the AI powered software to detect any damage to your roof and home.

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You will meet with one of our roofing experts to discuss the next steps and navigating through the insurance process if storm damage is detected. They will also help you with choosing the best shingle and color for your home and getting you on your way to replacing your roof to protect your family for years too come.

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We offer roofing products produced by the top two manufacturers in the industry with the widest array of color options in each class, allowing you to create the ideal look for your home with confidence. Their award winning products have been recognized for durability, quality and beauty.

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We adhere to the highest standards of craftsmanship on each and every roof we install. We achieved a place in the top 1% of roofing contractors in the nation by installing every roof with care and competency that exceeds the other 99%!

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Our warranties are created to give you peace of mind -knowing that when products are installed properly your new beautiful roof will protect your home and family for years to come. The warranties we offer not only come with our guarantee on labor but due to our strict installation methods the manufacturers have certified our craftsmanship and stand behind the lifetime warranties.

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